Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Cross Culture Club?

Just come! Any international student, scholar, spouse, or friend is welcomed to join us for any of our activities or classes.

Do I have to be in a class to come to your activities?

No, you don’t have to be in a class to come to activities AND you don’t have to go to activities if you are in a class.

What exactly happens in a conversational English class?

As the name implies, our goal is for you to have opportunity to speak, not just listen to the English language. Each class uses different lessons to provide topics for discussion, and all classes have some emphasis on pronunciation. All classes utilize small group discussions to questions, opportunities to give short talks, and group projects. These classes are a lot of FUN, too!

Can I try a class before paying to join it?

Sure!  We have a “try before you buy” policy.  Come to ONE class without a commitment to join it.  If you decide it isn’t for you, there is no need to pay for the class.  If you do decide to join the class, our policy is that you will pay for your trial class when paying your tuition.

What if I learn about the Conversational English classes after the semester has begun?

We welcome new students at any time throughout the semester. In all classes, each class is independent of the others. It is VERY common for students to enroll in class even when there are only a few class sessions left. We are happy to have you join us. (We pro-rate your tuition to the number of remaining classes.)

I want to sign up for a class but I know that I will miss some classes due to schedule conflicts.  Can I pay only for the ones I will go to?

While we do want to serve you, we also want  to make the administration of classes as simple as possible for our teachers.  If you know you can only come to the Mondays of a Monday / Wednesday class, we will allow this as long as it is clear when you sign up.  If you know that you will return to your home country midway into the semester, we also allow you to pay just for the classes you will be here for.  We do not allow for you to pick and choose the classes that you can come to during the semester and pay just for those.

I missed some classes, can I make them up in another class without paying?

If classes are missed due to a teacher’s illness, our commitment is to make them up in order to give you what you paid for.  If you miss classes due to illness or busyness, we do not give refunds or allow for you to attend other classes to make them up.

I want to drop the class midway into the semester.  Can i get a refund?

We do not allow refunds after attending three classes.  If you decide to drop the class before you have attended three classes, you will receive back what you paid less the current prorated cost of the classes you attended (prorated cost is on the registration form) and a $10 processing fee.